September 27, 2010

Travel light

my day bag that fits inside my carry-on [above] 
found this cool old travel wallet at a thrift store for $3 - it includes a mini address book + stamp fold [below]

My dad travels for business all the time, and it amazes me how he knows things like who has the worst airline food, who has the fastest check-in, and who serves you just a tiny bag of peanuts and flat ginger ale on a 10 hour flight.  Happily, Andy and I haven't traveled enough to be world-weary about airports - our honeymoon will be the first time Andy and I fly together!  [I'm terrified of flying, but I love the airport.]

Seeing people run to each others' arms, wondering where people are going to and coming from, the adrenaline rush at take off - it's awesome.

And what else is awesome is packing for it.  Yeah I know, it's weird, but I love to organize things.  When I get stressed out about artwork, I have to clean my studio.  If stressed about the apartment, I have to clean it.  It sorts out stuff rattling around in my brain and I can get back to painting again.  That probably qualifies as OCD.

Personally - I'm a big believer in zen travel - I carry absolutely the least amount of things possible, in the most economical way.  Here are some lovely travel things I've come across - mostly Korean + British ware - if you are looking for ways to voyager mode.

  Click to see some montages I put together for you -
- luggage tags, passport cases, travel wallets and whatnots that are pretty cool 


  1. JETOY CATS!! Ohhh I love everything that fits in your carry on especially that wallet! Great vintage find! Ahhhhhh I want everything in this post hahaha

  2. Oh man, I hate packing. I always overdo it *sigh*

    Amazing find with the travel wallet, btw! Very cool.

  3. That travel wallet is so awesome! I can't wait to see your pictures from Japan!

  4. Lovely travel items!
    I am personally terrible at packing light - I just can't seem to manage it, or let anything go - what if I need it? Ooooo!

    In love the vintage travel wallet! Looks absolutely perfect for travel! Even a slot for stamps! My word, that is awesomeness!

    I need to go on a passport case stalk as well - time to get my eBay Stalk on, kids!

  5. Really diggin the new blog layout. And it's the perfect time to come to Japan, it's finally started to cool off!

  6. I love the new blog look, and I just noticed your new name on your blog header! WOOT!:D

  7. Hahahah nuuuuu not creepy Snuggle bear!!! He is EVERYWHERE there so if you love him you'll be set at the UFO catchers!

    Dear god it's like THE FINAL COUNTDOWN *plays Queen for you* right now!

    BTW the new layout is so fresh & so... YOU! I love it!

    I want to buy travel stuff SO badly but I tell myself "you don't travel NEAR enough to deserve a passport holder/hardcase luggage trunk/" and so on ;_;

  8. I love packing as well. There is something so comforting about having everything you need organized in a little bag.

  9. Zoraida - I'll try and find you a Jetoy postcard!

    Erin - sometimes I try to be so economical, I end up leaving something I really DID need :(

    Jane + Jenny - you should order one from the Himori Ebay store! They are so inexpensive!

    Jennifer L - I know! I like knowing I can just pick up all my stuff and go, no problems

  10. I love everything about this post! I need to travel now, I'm just going to run away from it all and travel travel travel!! HAHA! I want need love that vintage wallet *MUST FIND*

  11. Omg! Cuteness overload. I didn't know they had some many things for your passport. Btw, what Nikon camera do you have? It looks like my coolpix p90, but I'm sure you have something better than mine.

  12. Just watch out for gypsies! Have fun, best wishes, congrats and all that. d