September 13, 2010

When the Internet Claimed Me

Oh friends, I was going to write all about my new studio and how my intern has started and how I'm working on all these great projects before the wedding - but no, I am holding off on posting those.   Because I got inspired.

By the internet.

Let me take you back to 2003.  I was just starting my college days at the School of Visual Arts, a little freshman at 18, my first apartment.  And my first time having ... the internet.

Gray's Papaya + Franks Pizza - my cheap eats in college.  Wasn't into the DVD store, though

I was never a big internet person like people I knew in high school or even middle school.  My family actually just had basic cable and a land line, so for the new millenium we were pretty modest.  So here I was, hearing about this thing called "Youtube" and friends would show me videos they loved.

Cut to 2010 - this week.  I made a Youtube account (yes, 7 years later) to upload my animated wedding card that I'll be posting here in October, and right in front of me, was a link to the first web animations I had ever seen - the ones from way back in '03.

So I thought I'd share with you the first videos that exposed me to the wonder of the internet almost a decade ago - specifically the ones that made me laugh so hard no sound came out and I thought I'd have to be hospitalized.

Much love,





  2. Awesome post hahaha
    all hail the internets

    it's shaped culture so much that ad's mimic viral videos so much now. Kinda awesome and crazy

  3. O.M.G: "Stop all the downloadin'! Help Computah!"

  4. Wait, wait WAIT. Is that Gray Papaya the corner that is near the 21st St. building? Are you serious? Man I would've loved Gray's Papaya, not the snobby diner they have. Oh, btw, the Adult movie store is closed now. It just gave off creepy vibes. D:

    Even though I've been pretty internet addicted for a while, I still am not much of a Youtuber. Dunno why :(


    It's ok, the internet was pretty crappy pre-2003 anyway =_=;;

  6. HAHA Thrila - can't put anything past you - no that picture is from the one that's way up in the 70s I think - but yes, there is one on the West side near the Pennsylvania Hotel.

    Are you going to the New York Con?

    Jenny - oh that's good to hear! didn't miss much, haha