October 2, 2010


My wonderful soon-to-be husband Andy has been diligently working on his opus DRACULA for sometime now.  I'm not just saying this because I'm marrying the guy in 8 days - but he is an absolutely insanely awesome writer.  Dracula was written by Bram Stoker, yes, but his version is really something special. (He sets it in 1931 instead of 1894)  Check it out!

If you are a comic book fan and read PREVIEWS - you can find us listed in the latest issue!

He asked me to be the colorist on this project, and I was happy to do so - since coloring is fun and relatively easy for me.  Here are some sample pages with my coloring and Andy's artwork:

I also came across an interesting Dracula-related tidbit from way back in 1972.  My old Illustration professor and I think now the Dean of School of Visual Arts, Thomas Woodruff, just happened to be in this dusty copy of Famous Monsters Magazine that Andy had lying around.  There he is at a Halloween party dressed as a vampire!  He looks the same!

Also with him at that party?  RON ENGLISH.   The master of contemporary pop fine art.

Halloween is coming - what will you be?  Andy suggested he be Captain America and I schlep it as sidekick Bucky Bucky.  Um - BUCKY DIES.  And no, I'm not being a little kid in a paperboy cap while Andy gets to be super buff with a cool shield.  No.


  1. Awesome! Perfect Halloween post is perfect!

  2. I dig the new banner. The new last name fits you very nicely :-)

  3. Woah, you two are such a talented couple! Dracula looks awesome!

  4. this is creepy... but VERONICA FISH!!! Love it, sounds so cartoony xD reminds me of Veronica Mars, almost.

    hehe you guys are so cute together :D

  5. Yay for Halloween! Hahaha, bucky. I think you would be a great Wonder Woman though.

  6. That 1st shot of Nola Donato is so HOT. How can I get that look? And your coloring is fantastic -- you guyses are one freakin' talented twosome! You should get maoweed!

  7. Thanks for the kind words!

    Aw thanks, Thao - I have a WW post scheduled this week, funny you should say!