October 5, 2010

Five&Ten, HBML + 6%DokiDoki

I absolutely love junk stores that are filled with things that are actually not junk.

 Five & Ten

photos from website

HBML (i.e "Happy Birthday, Mike Leslie" sadly closed)

[yes, it's a boob pillow up there]
[image heavy, click for the rest of the post]

A few weeks ago I was involved in a really great show in LA hosted by Gallery Nucleus all about Japanese fashion.  See the exhibition Sweet Streets II at Gallery Nucleus.com.  The event was partly sponsored by TokyoFashion.com and 6%DokiDoki - an insane Japanese company whose whole focus is to make you a walking cellphone strap of jangliy, sparkly things.

Photo from LA Weekly /// The opening looked like so much fun, which I could've made it!

At this point in my life, I don't think I could dress like that.  But I do love to look at it - since it's pretty cool these girls are keeping the weirdness alive as it slowly dies out into the business suits and briefcases of early adulthood.

In other news - thanks for all the well wishes while I was sick!  It worked!  I am healed.  [Thank goodness]  The wedding is in under a week and then we are off to Japan.  It's all so exciting!  The yen and JR Pass Exchange orders are here, and the reality is setting in. Much more to talk about soon.


  1. OMG I was randomly on some blogging news site about that event TODAAAAAAAY! Stop going through my browser history OKAY!

    That five&ten store IS AMAZING!!!
    Oh, oh oh if you are near it in Shinjuku (and elsewhere I'm sure... this one was the top floor in one of the 0101 I think?) visit Village Vanguard (http://www.village-v.co.jp/) it's chock-full of just STUFF! Stuff you'll want, funny stuff, nifty stuff, crazy stuff! I bough much stuff there XD

  2. Oh my gosh, those stores look so awesome! I want to browse them irl, wish I was closer haha!

  3. When you come to Tokyo you need to go to one of the Don Quixote stores. It's basically a store packed full of a bunch of random stuff.

  4. WHAT!? FIVE & TEN!? I must go there some day .. IT LOOKS AMAZING.

    Hahahahah I think they should rename this style to cellphone-kei

    Glad all of our well wishes worked!

  5. Junk stores are truly awesome! I agree with your other commenter, Corey - Don Quixote stores are filled to the brim with madness! And also, quite a bit of random hentai crap (you have been warned!) and 100 yen stores are for win - you MUST check out the one in Harajuku - YOU MUST!

  6. Thanks for the tips! Yes, I will definitely check out the 100 yen stores - this wedding is quite expensive, so can't spend as much as I was hoping to, haha