October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

 Boris Karloff (the Monster) and Colin Clive (Dr. Frankenstein) have a tea break

Is it Halloween already? Whoa!

Japan had lots of fun Halloween merchandise and kiddy events that kind of sprung up all over the place.  My favorite was seeing all these children dressed up as either Dracula or witch.  Even the boys were wearing witch hats!  With pumpkin wands!

and The Purple Nightmare donut! (ooh spooky) from Krispie Kreme (azuki bean topping)

If you are looking for something new to watch this Halloween, (I posted more movies last year) I'd recommend Val Lewton's The Leopard Man!  Here is a powerful scene from the movie, it's 6 minutes, but please watch all of it! The suspense is terrific!

Andy and I had to miss our favorite Boston haunt (yukyuk) - SPACE 242's annual Halloween show and costume party.  We were so tired from jet-lag I think we would've passed out in the Narragansett.  But our friends had a great time!  (Below: Derek Ring, Shannon and Mr. Reusch)

 Derek - you look better than a Beastie Boy in Sabotage


  1. Happy Halloween!

    Awesome pictures and movie recommendations! So so suspenseful!

  2. LOOOOOOL is that first pic the Condomiumnia or whatever store?! LOOOOOL

    How old am I if I IMMEDIANTELY THOUGHT "Sabotage" upon seeing your friend?! I feel old LOL

  3. I wish we'd celebrate Halloween here. It looks like so much fun!

  4. Haha Jenny! Shhh!

    Amelia - I'm sure it will seep into all places one way or another