November 18, 2010


One of our hotels was in an area of Northern Tokyo; Ueno. Ueno has many characteristics, a kind of a shady spot for hostess clubs and bars in the urban strip, but also the lovely and serene Ueno Park, and the Ameyoko open air market near Okachimachi.

Ueno is definitely a working-man's Tokyo, and has been for it's entire history (Thank you, Lonely Planet) It remains one of the many places in Tokyo you can eat and bargain shop until full and broke, then stay in a capsule hotel and do it all over again the next day.

At first I didn't care for it - clean and shiny Shibuya had my heart, but we quickly came to love Ueno, as it reminded us of the Lower East Side, NYC.

Above, Andy checks out "America-Store" haha
If you are here and love toys like we do, you have to check out Yamashiroya across from JR Ueno Station


  1. Hahaha America store. Is that Chewbecca I see??

  2. LOL america store!!

    ueno looks cozy!

  3. haha I think that's a Werewolf, maybe?

  4. u make me wanna go to japan so bad!!!
    i miss it quite a bit~~ definitely HAVE to go back there next time i visit china, they are neighbors lol

  5. I know this sounds stupid but this place looks prettier at night, in rain! I went on a sweltering sunny day and it doesn't have as much GLAM then ;_;