November 10, 2010

Eating well in Japan

 nikuman (meat bun) from Lawson's

Andy and I ate really well in Japan!  Well enough to put on 9 lbs, wow  Andy actually lost weight, haha so gold star for him.  But it was worth it, the food was spectacular.

I was addicted to a number of flavors : sweet potato, azuki (red bean), and yuzu (cirtus) and had lots and lots of amazing dishes based on these flavors!  (I'll show you the sweet potato ice cream during my Asakusa trip)

teishoku (set meal) from Ootoya in Harajuku [japanese site] - highly recommended!

the best ramen I have ever had, with hand-made gyoza!  at Rokurinsha in Tokyo Station [english site]

chocolate tai-yaki snack (yay I'm Mrs. Fish now, har har)

CLOCKWISE FROM THE TOP: Purple Potato, Yuzu, Pancake, and Mochi
I went nuts over these Tirol Maple Cake chocolates - hoarded them from conbini!

Yuka and I couldn't finish this gigantic honey toast dog from Pasela! 
Their other Honey Toast offerings here - [Japanese site]

My favorite coffee place in Tokyo, Cafe de Crie - [site] they make the best white cocoa!

If you are planning a trip to Japan, and you are a foodie like me, you have to check out TOKYU FOOD SHOW [Japanese site] [CNNGo review]- an underground food mall beneath Shibuya Station!  From traditional sweets to packaged beef strips and expensive melon sake, it's the best place to sample a bit of everything.


  1. OMG it's torture to look at these photos! That honey toast dog looks like the most amazing delicious monstrosity!

  2. Everything here looks INCREDIBLE. What a great experience!! But I'm drooling for gyoza now and it's nowhere near lunchtime. haha.

  3. Wow!! That all looks amazing!!

  4. WOW ALL THIS FOOD! It looks so good no wonder you guys ate so well heheheh.

    The tai-yaki snack ... you ate yourself!!

    Mmm so hungry.

  5. OMG!!!! I have to admit, food would be my number one reason for visiting Japan!! Massive drooling here!

  6. I think I went to that place...? I didn't know the name at the time, but it sounds like it, it was so crowded and overwhelming! MMmm, I'm hungry just reading this lol. I want some sweets.

  7. Haha glad you guys like pictures of food - I sure do

    Andy was funny because he just wanted to start eating and I'd say "NO! Wait! I need to get my camera"....

  8. omg everything looks so delicious!!

  9. jeez i picked a wonderful time to try to become vegetarian....a grreeeat time...EVERYTHING LOOKS gyoza! love it all gosh! glad you ate so well ;_;

  10. Oh my goddd!!! your trip looks incredibly delicious! envy! ENVY! :))))

  11. I know that honey toast place! It has a giant honey toast in front right! XDDDDDD

  12. Everything looks delicious, but wow the honey toast is just epic!!