November 24, 2010

Mori-girls and the Concept of Time

original study 

Found a cool cape at Lowry's Farm in Parco and kind of based the style on this:

 This really is my favorite time of year, here in New England.  While I really hate the brutal winters - can't lie about that, it's the seasonal food and change in lifestyle that I love.  Making cider, toasting pumpkin seeds, baking lovely things.
I feel like when I was a kid, I had no concept of time.  Played outside all day, or drawing in my notebooks, or reading Goosebumps for many hours.  What happened to that?  Now my life is totally ruled by numbers - how much our electric bill is, how much I weigh, what my account numbers are because I forgot, deadlines, if I'm too old to play Secret of Mana...

Can I go back to living like the day is infinite?

Fall seems to be the best time for that - as you can see below:
I found a cat sleeping in our backyard the other day
 he looks so peaceful

a door decoration at a bank in Nihombashi

the final painting

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please contact Gallery 1988 SF!
This and 7 other of my works will be on display as part of the group show

Sailing Through Shadows - Dec 4, 2010
the very last show at the Gallery 1988 San Francisco location

in the meantime



  1. Happy Thanksgiving! If I hadn't read that it was a cat before I saw those pictures I would've thought it was a skunk :O Skunks are cute too though lol. My brother had one as a pet and they have adorable little eyes!

  2. The holidays just make the harsh cold weather much more tolerable! So much fun and yummy food to look forward to! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  3. That's a very pretty painting! I really like the green of the apple and the bushes, makes me want to go eat an apple...
    Holidays are a great time! I'm looking forward to some treats today (:

  4. Thanks for the kind words!
    Have a great holiday :)

  5. I'm not a big fan of cold weather, however would like to spend autumn and winter in the Northern hemisphere because you guys have nicer & warmer clothes :) Australia's winter clothing is sooo thin!!

    I love the painting, it's very beautiful. It has a vintage flair to it, something I'll find in a little store with small trickets and treasures.


    b) I agree or i couldnt agree more, with everything that just happened, i just remember playing outside, running home after school, making ramen or tomatoe soup, watching arthur, reading american girl, the day never seemed to end. Being adult just means being stressed right?....fantastic...

  7. OH AND. how could i forget...I LOVE THAT scared to look how much!! GAH BUT I WANTY....okay...lets look *holds breath*

  8. Wow, the mori girl is beautiful!

  9. What an incredible painting - it's absolutely beautiful Veronica!


    Great drawing, I feel like it really does capture Mori Girl style.

    I love catching cats sleeping! It's always a pleasant surprise!

  11. Thanks for the kind words!

    And thanks for the awesome Thanksgiving, Alison!

  12. I love Thanksgiving. :)

    Also that cat in your backyard is sleeping just like one of my kittens, Link--so that he's twisted up in an almost incomprehensible position.

    Oh, and I've been looking at your Japan photos!! It looks like you guys had such a good time. Makes me want to go back! Especially to eat those donuts.. How did I miss them? Also, did you get into red beans at all? I thought I would hate them, but I ended up super-addicted by the end of our trip.

  13. I want your mori girls hair!