November 22, 2010

Vintage Americana in Japan

I really enjoyed looking at the Japanese fashion scene during our trip.  Backpacks, hiking boots, fox-tails and other kind of old rustic Americana were popular - but kind of re-purposed into city fashion.  Like the idea of a camping getaway is stylish, instead of incredibly geeky like I used to feel as a kid.

Seeing so many Japanese girls into vintage Davey Crockett made me actually really want to go hiking with my dad again!

After being in Japan for only a few hours, I noticed that the cool trend for travelers is vintage-style luggage.  Since I had drastically underestimated just how much cool stuff I'd buy in Japan, I needed another suitcase.  Sadly, ones I pined for were just too expensive.  And as the exchange rate fell even lower during our stay, I had to give it up in favor of another style, though equally cool and probably more durable. If I was smarter, I would have bought from SteamLine Luggage before the honeymoon...

But if you are looking for new luggage, you should definitely check these out; I think they are pretty sweet:

SteamLine Luggage [site]
Here are some places you can buy designer luggage in Japan - vintage style, with complimentary fox-tail!


  1. I have a weakness for suitcases XO

  2. omg i love your blog! i'm gonna be studying abroad next year in japan and looking at these pics of yours are making me all the more excited! definitely added to my bloglist! come check out my blog too whenever you're free~ i'd love to hear from you :)

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Juvy - you'll love it!

  4. love this mori americana look. Hmm its just soo dreamy, and i adore the idea of a "vintage" suitcase with modern capabilities, because even though real vintage suitcases are adorable, the arent very practical 9_9

  5. Why are you posting this luggage! Do you know how many time I've had to stop myself from blowing hundreds on this type of luggage XDDDD! Ahh temptation!