December 6, 2010

Akihabara + vintage toys

Okay, I'm going to be honest with you, Akihabara is not my kind of place.  That doesn't mean it's not awesome, and should definitely be witnessed by anyone who wants to take in all aspects of Tokyo - but sadly my Sailor Moon nerdom days are [mostly] behind me, and much of Akiba's comic and video game scene was lost on me.

I do love video games - Grim Fandango, Mario Bros. (25th Anniversary!) Kirby, Secret of Mana - and absolutely the Nancy Drew PC games when I have a chunk of free time. (Have I told you guys I've always wanted to be spunky girl detective?) I also am mostly into manga published in the 80s and 90s, like Psychic Girl Mai, Black Jack, Kaisha-in no Merodii among others - so for to the rest of Akiba, I was kind of old.

But that's not a problem there!  There are lots of really cool vintage toy and comic stores to experience, like Mandarake and Supa Potato.

oh the bizarre irony of this picture... 

Yodobashi camera
This place is special to me because it was one of my first times having a complete Japanese conversation with a sales person without having to resort to and English word!

 "電源 -ブルを さがして います"
[I'm looking for a charger]

For Lindsay! The table-flip game!

This game is so fun - you choose one of three scenarios wherein you (the main character) are very, very upset about something or other.  As your character talks, you have to slam your fists on the table accordingly, then finally at the climax of your pissed-off'ed-ness, you flip the table as hard as you can, getting points based on how much stuff you break.  It's really, really great for stress...


  1. Looooooool word!! We only went so Mike could find cheap games (which he did! Success!) But I was kinda left bored with everything else. In my college years I probably would have been dying of excitement & even gone to a maid cafe or smtg but now, well, there's a time & a place right?

    I only saw like 1 cosplay while there... was expecting more, I dunno XD

  2. These photos bring back memories! What can I say, I love Akihabara and going there with you guys was awesome. I was proud of you for talking to that salesperson!

    But having read your blog I think you're right. The only good things about that place are Mandarake and Super Potato, and we have a decent Mandarake in Nagoya.

  3. I didn't make it to Akihabara at all, shame on me :[ We were pushed for time in Tokyo though. Haha, I love that KFC picture, Japan wtf XD

  4. Haha lol, that game sounds so cool! Would work wonders when I'm stressed,. (:

  5. oh man the gundam cafe!!! haha i'd probably only want to go inside the gundam cafe .. and play taiko if i went.. sigh, our days of anime are looong gone!

  6. When did you go to Japan Veronica?

    I plan to go to Japan one day, after all it is where my childhood friends were from. It is always fun to play those old games you grow up with :)

  7. Jen - It's so fun looking at the crazy games that didn't make it to the US!


    Lindsey - I'm sure you saw enough neon in Shinjuku :)

    Deso - we love to smash things!

    Zo - haha we went to a smokey, hole-in-the-wall maid cafe, it was weird but fun

    Leanne - I went in October! for my honeymoon :)

  8. Did you go inside the gundam cafe? I wonder what it was like?
    The games look really fun! Especially the table flip one.

  9. i love love love the drum game though i suck at it
    the table game looks fun...


    yeah i dont imagine akihabara being my kinda place, i kinda grew out of being an "otaku" style nerd....when everyone got into yaoi I got out..8/

    btw nancy drew pc games, me and my friends were playing that stuff last week yo! keepin it real...