December 21, 2010

Camel Coloured

I got a new winter coat this month!  The Cherry Blossom Girl has a camel duffle coat, so the coveting began...

I really love it - it's a man's duffel coat and it's the warmest thing on the coat rack.  Makes me feel a bit like a detective and a bit like a sailor-man.

I had been eying it online for a while, and was told it wasn't available in store, but would you know it, stumbled upon the same coat at Macy's for 60% off.  It was fate. 

You could tell it was on my mind from some subconscious drawings -

I think what started the inspiration was doing some prep work with Andy for a Sherlock Holmes graphic novel he's been writing.  Hopefully we'll start production on it soon [excited!]  - {but of course, if JJ decides he wants to start on Pirates of Mars Vol.2, I'll gladly work on both projects at the same time.}

So with Holmes in mind (Holmes for the Holidays - BA DUM CHH) I've been looking at lots and lots of British fashion, which has kind of become an obsession.  Structured details, tweed, wool and lace-up boots, it's really just to sketch them.  And of course, I needed a reason to slip in a superfluous "U" up there...

 brogues: ASOS suitcase: ZARA cape: Miss Selfridge UK boots: ASOS

Wanted to buy a pair of these boots from ASOS, but heard their service and quality is really terrible.  Anyone have anything to report about them?

And to mention more British things - Alex and Lindsay got us English drinking chocolate, holiday poppers, and these lovely mugs!  Thank you!

Oh! and by the way!
with promo code : RESOLUTION305!


  1. It's quite nice!! Will last you many winters to come :)

    Those mugs look like the ones from Anthropologie :D

  2. It is from Anthropologie! I was actually going to buy the same ones before she gave them to me, but they were out of V's! *natch

  3. I like the coat, and the drawings too!

    "Makes me feel a bit like a detective and a bit like a sailor-man."

    Haha, I know what you mean. I have a pair of oxfords that make me feel a bit like that. I think it would be fun to have a military coat and some means boots, then walk around like a commander or something.
    (also, I love sherlock holmes!)

    I've ordered from ASOS before, and it was fine. My order came a day late because of the 4th of July (mail delay), but the quality of the item (a bathing suit) seemed fine. Customer service answered pretty quickly when I e-mailed them, the only issue being it was always a different person that responded. This was from the UK version of the store though; things might go a bit better if you're ordering from the US website. I would say it's worth the try, and the quality of items really depends on which brand it is.

  4. Dave has a pair of Asos shoes, and he's a bear so they have taking his trashing. And he dressy sort of preppy cowboy (idk) so they were nice dress shoes, and he wearing them in the snow salt & problems :D

    love these sketches! and what a cute gift ^^

  5. Loving the sketches - so lovely! :D
    I'm gearing myself up for a super cold two weeks in TW and I'm utterly in shambles - I HAVE NO WARM CLOTHING. LIKE, AT ALL.

    Damn, living in Brisbane all my life!

  6. Very nice coat. =)

  7. Thanks for the kind words guys, and thanks for the tips on ASOS!

  8. I love your windy gusty sketch page! You capture motion so well. I feel chilly when I look at it!

  9. Loving that coat! It's so timeless and the color's great as well.