December 8, 2010


Hirabari is a sweet neighborhood southwest of Nagoya Center.  We went there to visit Andy's brother and sister-in-law!  It was the first time Andy had seen him since he'd moved to Japan 3 years ago.

We loved being with them so much, we left Kyoto a day early to have more time with them.  Who knows when we'd be able to be together again?

Experiencing daily Japanese living was really exciting for us. Going to the supermarket, mailing letters, doing the laundry, cooking matcha and cocoa donuts in the microwave - it felt like a second home.

This Andy Fish (har har), Al + Tomoko's pet
He actually died the same day Andy and I left their house!  :(


  1. I need a green donut!! NOW. It all looks so yummy! ;)

  2. Hi veronica!!!
    I reaaaaally love your blog!! I made a post talking about your blog:

    I need to eat this green donut... hehehehe

  3. the colors look amazing~!!
    those green donuts look good :D though iw onder what flavor it is..

  4. It's always lovely to stay with people who live at the location. It gives you a great feel of life there.

    That's an interesting donut texture and color.

  5. The green donuts are matcha tea and the brown ones are cocoa! They were really great!

  6. And thanks for the shout-out Jess Q!!

  7. These photos are so wonderful~ How long did you guys stay in Japan? I hope I get to visit one day~
    Are those donuts??!

  8. linking cooking donuts in a microwave to daily japanese living got me smilin

  9. Wonderful photos.. you make me really want to go! It is always lovely to stay with someone and get really immersed into the culture and life of the people and the country :)

  10. Tytty - haha, my sister in law said she makes them once a week with matcha tea so I thought it fairly "daily" :D

    Lorik - We were there for 15 days, and miss it terribly!

    Leanne - thank you! Stay with my inlaws! haha

  11. Poor fish :[ R.I.P.

  12. that is weird, couldnt stand to be w.o u. are those donuts homemade?