December 14, 2010

I love the winter weather

1. Sparkle & Fade sweater   2.Madewell Gatsby cuff
4. Holbein Japan gouache  3. Mulberry Bayswater

It's beginning to look a lot like ... Ultraman

And I had to get this Kleenex tissue box that looked like a piece of pie!  Excellent!
Andy got me the cute Sailor Mars toy down there in Mandrake Shibuya

Made shells with diced tomatoes, artichoke hearts and simple bruschetta recently! Small steps to Iron Chef!

Cut my hair this week - it was starting to get really heavy.  Look at how enthusiastic I am about it... [/slight smile]

Hope you guys are having a great holiday season!  It's busy here in the studio between painting for some upcoming gallery shows and promoting the Pirates of Mars graphic novel - but it's always great to write some Xmas cards with a big mug of cocoa.  Stay warm!


  1. You are so pretty! I love the haircut looks really cute (:

  2. AH! You're so cute! I demand more pictures of you! (So many exclamation points, sorry)

  3. woww
    i feel like i may have just stumbled into the coolest blog lol. the pictures you take are soooo nice!

    ps. ultraman as an ornament is way too cute lol.

  4. You guys are so sweet :) Thanks :D

  5. your tree and ornaments are so cute- but yer the CUTEST! and your ELATED expression in the "after" photo - ha ha! ;D

  6. Anonymous15.12.10

    You are so pretty! BUT you HATE the winter! I know you!

  7. I know that top sweaterrrrrrr! Not sure where though, UO? FP? :P It's great!!

    Your new cut looks great! So much lighter huh?!

    I see those kleenex at Target so much! I want to buy them but I still have a boring box left :( Did you get the watermelons & oranges one this summer!?

  8. LOVE YA HAIRES, and getting that book next paycheck I SWEARS, need to hold it in my grabby hands!!!!!!

    and that sweater is EGADS, to die for much? can we like swap closets?

  9. nice wishlist!!

    i love your new haircut~ :)