December 16, 2010

Nami + Pirates Badges

Hi everyone,

It's been crazy busy lately, as I'm sure you guys are busy too - holidays n' all! But I realized I hadn't released a new wallpaper in a while.  Here is a new one featuring one of my favorite panels in Pirates of Mars. Vol. 1 when we meet Nami.

 [800 x 640]    [1280 x 960]   [1280 x 1024]   [1600 x 1200]   [1920 x 1200]

I'm also working on a holiday/winter one now!

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of our new graphic novel, it's been over a year of hard work and it's really looking good.  JJ is such an excellent writer!

You can find Pirates of Mars Issue 1 along with a sketchbook section and other fun stuff collected in the Pirates of Mars Special Preview.  But I guess it's not really a preview since you get an entire issue[including extras like a sketchbook section and hilarious Wunk & Fagnalls excerpts...]

It's only $7.99 for a hard copy or $4.99 to download.  Check it out here!

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Thank you!


  1. This is on my desktop at my office right now-REPRESENT!

  2. Gorgeous (& melancholic :O)