December 19, 2010

Yale weekender II

Pretty rad optical illusion!
Can you see the design painted on the parking garage down the block?
and how it lines up with these walls?  Amazing!

 Frank Pepe's!  Pepe's in New Haven actually invented "apizza" - it's actually pizza with no cheese and no olive oil in the marinara. Why?  Because dear Frank was allergic to both.  

If you are lactose-intolerant or looking for a different kind of pizza, you have to try this stuff - it's amazing!

I have family down the road from New Haven, and this is the only place they wanted to venture away from their local diner.  Naturally it's in the "Little Italy" of New Haven, just a little stretch of Wooster St., but brightly lit with restaurant neon.

After we got mezzo-mezzo canollis and tea. [above]
Mezzo-mezzo is Italian for "half-half"

We found this cool vintage clothing store - they had a PeeWee Herman mannequin in the front, so it was pretty much decided that we loved it.


Hope you guys are enjoying the holidays!  We've been fortunate to have dinner with friends, either cooking together or running into people on the street and deciding to get food - literally once or even TWICE a week since Thanksgiving!  I love friends!  I love the holidays!  I love eating!


  1. Awesome photos! I love the signs and fuzzy gloves.

  2. Everything that you posted looks delicious, and now i'm hungry!! I love little vintage stores :D

  3. Those mitts! Too cute XD. Siiigh I'm out of apples this Monday ;_; *craving one now.

    Vintage store has some nice things! That dress in the window is lovely.

  4. Thanks for the kind words!

    Amazingly, Jenny - the apples came from WalMart - and where really, really good - and of course, have not been good since this one, magic bag...

  5. "I love friends! I love the holidays! I love eating!" Agree!

    A pizza with no cheese or olive oil! I never knew one could exist! Must try it!

  6. gosh i love your photography, i feel like i'm transported into a dream world, filled with food and lungful sighs...i want to go to Yale now >/ I wish I went to an ivy league, I had the scores was just too scared to leave home. I am thinking of getting my masters at NYU...hmmm..put that one of the neon store lights on tumblr...I NEEDS IT

  7. Those mittens are adorable!!!