January 25, 2011

At the market 「ピアゴ」

So yes, I am still working my way through pictures from our Japan trip ...
[- hope you're not tired of it, and sorry if I end up re-posting images accidentally!]

Some pictures of the supermarket...

kid's stuff
creepy, creepy mannequins on the top floor

I really miss the everyday things we did in Japan.  Go to the supermarket with my sister-in-law, refill the water jugs at Piago,  getting snacks at FamilyMart, putting the laundry out in the sun... doesn't sound all that unique to Japan, I guess - but it's still stuff I should be just as content to do here at home  : )

Japanese supermarkets are so coooool - they are so clean and quiet, and everyone has a nice uniform, and you can pick up anything you need, there is even a book store and clothing section on the top floor of this one - Piago's in Nagoya.

My favorite new snack - wasabi crackers + peanuts by Kameda
Thank you Tomoko!

What Japanese snacks to you guys like?


  1. Not sure if it counts as a snack, I really love snacking on mochi. Haha they disappear so quickly once I buy them.

    The stores in Geneva was like that too! There were four stories at the "Co-op City" with the bottom one being the grocery store, and the ones were the department store selling clothes and body care, another for chocolate and tourist goods. I went to that store everyday to buy my nutella hazelnut crescent and coffee for breakfast. It was soooo good. However, the store closed at 6pm, which I thought was so early.

  2. Oh my god those mannequins are soooo possessed - I pity the cleaning person who has to be in the store with them after hours. (((shudder)))

  3. I love almost anything with wasabi. Especially peas.

  4. This post makes me hungry p: I like anything with the sweet bean paste in it! Those mannequins are really creepy :/

    And please, keep the Japan pictures coming!!

  5. It looks like Mistuwa (the japanese market by me) those mannequins are AHHHHHHH real monsters...WTH!?! haha!

    I LVOE Calibee hot chips! OM!

  6. Thao - Those places are so fun to roam!

    Alison - they will steal your soul

    Dako - They are simply aces

    Lindsey - Oh good! Not getting old!

    Bianca - Hahah I love 90s TV references.

  7. yeah the mannequins ARE creepy =____=

  8. I like supermarkets in Japan, I'm fascinated by the incorporation of cute in everything. And yes, those mannequins are quite creepy.

  9. Anonymous27.1.11

    Mmmmmmm I love their supermarkets and conbinis too. It's fascinating to see all their various products and packaging.....! My fave is definitely the various KitKat flavours :) On my most recent trip I was obsessed with hot cocoa from vending machines to warm me up in the snow

  10. Snnnnnnnnackssssss. One thing I love about Asian supermarkets is all of the snacks in cute packaging *-*