January 4, 2011

Day in Asakusa

Hi friends,

These are photos from my day at Asakusa Sensouji Temple 「浅草浅草寺」 with my good friend Yuka. [very image heavy!] It was such a great time, she even got us a jinrickshaw ride around the grounds! The runner was this really nice guy that insisted I say something to him in Japanese, but all I could think of was to sing "Linda Linda" by the Blue Hearts. Scored some points, so it was cool.

三間月 前ぐらい、友達のゆかちゃん と 浅草の有名な もんじゃで ひるごはんを 食べました。
お好み焼き と もんじゃ焼き を 作りました!ほんとうに 楽しかったよ!

 You had to wash your hands before going into the temple, and of course, being dumb I poured the clean water over my hands back into the pure water section.


 さる! This poor monkey worked a longer day than I do.

 ゆかちゃん! We split some choco-bananas on a stick
 Making fried azuki bean buns!  揚物!「あげもの」


We ate lunch at a really great monjayaki place! The guide told us it was the best and really famous, so we had to try it.  My first time making monjayaki and okonomiyaki, and it was so stellar...

 fresh senbei crackers!

Those girls were so pretty in their kimonos 「 to the left 」
 sweet potato ice cream!  ソーフト クレーム [soft cream] It was amazing...

Happy Year of the Rabbit!


  1. Is that Monkey wearing shorts?! FANTASTIC

  2. You take the most amazing pictures, I absolutely love them~!! *__*

    Haha~! It's so cute that you sang Linda, Linda! XD
    I'm sure he loved it! Except now that song is totally stuck in my head :P

    And if it makes you feel any better about the purifying water, I stuck my incense upside down into the ashes the first time I went to a temple in Japan ^^;;

    Awww~!! Monkey!! Are there a lot of trained monkeys in Japan?? I saw one, but I didn't think it was a common thing :x

    And all the food looks absolutely AMAZING~
    It looks like you had such a great time! Thanks so much for sharing :D

  3. wow, awesome pictures!
    What kind of Camera do you use?

    You took wayyy better photos than the usual touristy photos that we always see of Asakusa!

    Hope you have a good new year :]

  4. cute monkey :D

  5. I went to Asakusa for New Years! Its such a lovely temple, although crowded like no other! I had a hard time getting good photos, but yours are wonderful!! Those fried azuki bean buns are so goood.

    Also, now that I know you like the Blue Hearts (omgsdfs Linda Linda is one of my all time favorite songs) can we be bff plz? haha

  6. Linda Linda is now stuck in my head :'D

    That monkey is really cute and all of that food looks soooooo delicious!!

  7. It looks so otherworldly beautiful like something out of a dream. Your photos are gorgeous. I love those bananas!!

  8. Joyce - YES, and they had his NAME embroidered on them!

    Seiso - haha, that's reassuring we both screwed up

    Stacy - Thank you for the kind words!

    Dorothy - I want to see Japan someday on New Years! It must be amazing! Let's be bffs and eat osechi

    Z - dobuneee zumiiii mitainiii

    Alison - Thank you darling!

  9. temple is beautiful. food looks delicious! haha, i've never seen cchoco-banana on a stick :D

  10. Wow, it is really beautiful!!! I wish one day I can also go there.
    Food looks yum, I want to try some of that sweet potato icecream~

  11. Thanks guys! The food was great - I definitely ate way too much but it was pretty imperative to do so.

  12. wow!!! like bananas :D
    seems me a wondeerful place! love it ^^


  13. I seriously think we ate at the same okonomiyaki place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \:D/