January 15, 2011

Free & Easy menswear

 Some boots I've been looking at recently...

left to right:  Veronica boots by Frye ::: Steve Madden ::: Kensie Girl

I notice in my wardrobe I usually go for high contrast / vintage men's wear pieces. 

It's nice to look at pictures of super feminine things, women in flow-y chiffon, cream and beige fabric, floral patterns - but I don't tend to dress like that at all.  Even as I struggled against it in high school, I think my style (if I have one) will always be a bit Annie Hall.

So recently I came across these hilarious Japanese magazines called "Free and Easy" that focuses entirely on American male culture. Had to share :)

  A super creepy rendering of Steve McQueen... *shudder*

Some inspiration...

looks just like my camel duffel coat!

Ah! My coat again! There on the far right.....................................................

These are from my favorites magazines, SO-EN, Fudge, Zipper, Jille, Seda and Spoon


  1. Hehe, Dad's Style.

    Ahh girl with the earmuffs! It's your character from Pirates of Mars! That was my reaction when I saw that...

  2. Oh! When I was staying with my friend's in Japan, the husband had a lot of those free&easy mags, saying it was his favorite one lol! I love the pictures!

  3. Anonymous15.1.11


  4. Love the styles, looks comfy.

  5. I love japanese fashion mags. There's something about the layout of the pictures and typography that i really like.

  6. Thanks guys!

    Dad's Style is amazing, they should have it here in the states for guys who don't appreciate how cool American dads can be.

  7. RUGGED BOOTS! You can never get enough of 'em.

    I like Dad's Style lol it reminds me of boat shoes and yachts and whiskey on the rocks! ... I've never experienced any of that.

  8. Can I dress like these everyday...please LVOE chelsea maika she is my forever girl crush...she rocks the dad style like a BOSS

  9. which zipper magazine is the one with the girl who has the whiskers? she is so cute!