January 12, 2011

Omens in my Cocoa

This must be good luck, right?

It's been very cold here in Massachusetts - we're usually 10 degrees colder here in the central part than out by Cape Cod.  And as I write this we are getting hammered with a blizzard.  A woman just skied down our street ...? [cool] We are expecting about 18"!  Whoa!

our neighbor's playhouse.  I want one.

Snow days allow me to do some much needed house cleaning - and in the process found these retro baking supplies!  Apparently these last... FOREVER?  Cool designs, though!

But it's been nice working in the studio all day and getting some much needed painting done.  I just wrapped up a painting for Gallery 1988 LA's John Hughes tribute show, doing an illustration of Molly Ringwald from 16 Candles.  I'll post that really soon, along with a review of the gouaches I used.

I'm also being represented now by Lunarize and the Creative Finder network - yay!



  1. I wouldn't sweat it, retro baking beats todays cool looking designs.

    did you notice doritos joined the retro wave and are busting out the old logo? but not see through circle (boo!)

    congrats on your sponsor!

  2. Wow - your street is perfect for skiing! I can't believe someone did that. Thanks for the post about cover art - it's hugely helpful to me to see your process. And congrats on the representation - that is awesome!! You the shizz, woman! ;D

  3. Davis baking powder still looks like that! I'd replace the baking powder and the nutmeg if you intend to use them, they both lose potency over time. I don't strictly follow that "replace spices after 6 months" mantra, especially on stuff I don't use much, but baking powder doesn't have super staying power.

    I remember using those Christmas sprinkles as a kid!

  4. Thanks guys!

    And thanks for the tip Lauren!

  5. Skiing fun times! I sorta would like another blizzard. I was super productive then too (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

  6. lol i have retro baking supplies ... and i ask myself when they expire ... and then use them anyway.