January 3, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

This is a really cool card I found at Loft this October - it  folds out into a calendar!  I found myself buying lots of bunny things  in Japan, such as these sweet pins from Osu market place in Nagoya, and some correction tape in rabbit-form.

the magazines I never got, good thing I took a picture

..................SOB STORY...................

That camera bag with the rabbit on it, there on the left is all that remains of most of our books, magazines and comics Andy and I bought in Japan.

Sadly, a package of things we mailed ourselves from Kyoto has
been destroyed It's gone! That's it!  It's not coming!  Andy's reading glasses, all of his thumbnails for his upcoming graphic novel, a cook-book given as a wedding gift, the magazines I bought - all somewhere in the ocean.  We were pretty livid about it when the lid arrivedYes, they sent just the lid with a note saying "We Care"  ...

But oh well, there are people who lose everything in a fire, so one lost box is OK. No sense dwelling on it.

 ........................THE END......................
I was able to order magazines from Kinokuniya online.  I highly recommend Kinokuniya for Japanese books - they are super friendly, have an English order form, and ship very quickly for a reasonable price.  Anything you want that they don't have, they'll find in Japan for you.  I'm only in New York about twice a year so it's actually easier just to get stuff from their online store instead of hauling 900lbs of books home!

Lately I've been obsessed with zakka magazines like Zakka Book, Spoon, and the super-hard to find Syrup.  If anyone knows where I can find Syrup back issues, please let me know! Thanks!  If you are interested, there is a great website that offers some lovely zakka and mori-girl publications here: Uguisu

And thank you to my super cool brother in law for somehow magically allowing Japanese input on my laptop.

Some zakka things in my life lately - my new white scarf + muffs, at Alison's lovely home... and perogies...

 Happy New Year!


  1. BUNNIES! I totally forgot it was the year of the rabbit .. but all of your cute rabbit-things reminded me so thanks!

    Sucks about the package :\

    Is that you at the end??? CUTIE ALERT! Heheheh

  2. I love your bunny loot! and Yer so sweeet ;)

  3. Happy new year!!

    Sorry to hear about your package. I've seen a couple of those arts and crafts magazines online and they look so cool! I just have no clue what it says, but the things they make are really neat and cute!

  4. losing stuff sucks! no matter how small or large :/

  5. Love those bunny hair pins & correction tape! I never knew you could order books from kino online...that's going to be trouble for my wallet!

  6. ベロちゃん〜

  7. Oh that card~ I love it because it illustrates so many Japanese holidays!! Otsukimi!!! :D

    I'm glad you were able to reorder most your lost treasures ;_;

    Need to keep Kino in mind because I want some random used mix style magazines that fujisan doesn't carry ;X

  8. BTW u rook kyuuuut

  9. You are super cute, what is zakka exactly i hear the term used but i never know what it exactly means. I'm so sorry about your lose, that sucks, i'm sure :(