February 10, 2011

青書店 - at the bookstore

I miss walking to the bookstore across the street from our Shibuya hotel.

 青書店 "Aoishoten Book Store"
a great chain of bookstores in Japan

(if you study Japanese you can see the first kanji is "aoi" or blue, but their logo is green. 
Sometimes "ao" is for green too, like the green traffic light is called "aoshingo" - cool, eh?)

I've been keeping up with studying Japanese using an Amoeba blog.  It started as a way to communicate with my good friend Yuka, but it's turning into a handy practice tool. And it will be a much more informal blog with my personal cell phone pics and stuff.  So that'll be fun.

This is my AmeBlog (in Japanese)

I've discovered a great method for studying - "10 Things x 3"  And you can apply it to anything!

Basically you immerse yourself in 10 units of 3 things every day.  Like my routine is to write 10 sentences in Japanese, listen to 10 Japanese songs, and review 10 kanji.  It's so helpful!

You could use it with art history, too.  Review the lives of 10 artists on Wiki, study 10 paintings, and read 10 terms and their denotations.  It only takes about an hour a day - and it really works!



  1. I love the 10 things x 3 idea - that is awesome - I'm totally going to try it! Also I am super impressed with your Japanese blog! That is so cool. You inspire me to do one en francais!

  2. Ah the study habit sounds really similar to how my German teacher taught!!! She'd make us write out vocab with English 10 times over & over and everyone hated it but after a while I HAD to do it or it wouldn't stick! My Spanish teacher didn't do that and 10 years later guess which language I remember a million times more... Ja! Es ist toll!!

  3. Anonymous11.2.11

    That bookstore is open 24 HOURS a day too! Great for jet lagged travelers!

  4. My goodness, I would kill to live across from a bookstore like that. And I'm sure that bookstore would kill my wallet. Living across from a Trader Joe's is bad enough for me...

    Hmm I've never heard of the 10x3 method, but that does make sense. Good luck in studying Japanese. I definitely would love to be able to speak and read Japanese.