February 4, 2011

食の美 (the beauty of food)

 a little forest of broccoli or veggie ecotarium

Some things I've eaten lately.
Spare ribs (cooked twice) grilled florets with sesame seeds + gyukaku, sweet potato and Fluff 

 this sauce from the Japanese restaurant chain Gyu-kaku is stellar!
and I found it at Cherry Mart in Boston for only $4.19!

Gyu-kaku is a yaki-niku restaurant that has opened branches all over the US. I didn't even know about them until passing by one in Nagoya.  Wish they were around here! [GyuKaku website]

Since coming back from Japan I've been really fascinated by the beauty of food presentation.  Simple, small dishes, designed so you can see all the components, assembled like artwork. [food photos from our trip]

I really enjoy reading Shiori-chan's food blog.  Even though her entire schtick is making lovely food for your boyfriend/husband, [ 彼ご飯 'kare'彼 + 'gohan'ごはん = "his meal"] it's not meant to send ladies back to the 50s.  I think it's more about putting care into something you make.  Some of hers...


  1. Yum...broccoli has never looked so good. XD

  2. And now I'm hungry and wanting sweet potatoes :( I've never eaten broccoli is it good?

  3. Mmmm I just ate a ton of broccoli last night on a selfmade Superbowl platter \"D/

  4. I like simple small dishes too - where the food can just shine on its own without too many other ingredients. I think a lot of cooking masks the flavor of food so we don't even know what it tastes like anymore.

  5. Alison - it's so true, it's so easy to season the crap out of something until it's just a mess.

    Amelia - You've never eaten broccoli! interesting!!