February 19, 2011

Future plans

We all start here don't we?  We all painted and drew and scribbled when we were kids, but most of us stop for some reason.  I try to teach my students at the museum how amazing it is they are even there.  The fact that they decide to spend their Saturdays with me in a museum is really special to me.

Imagine how much better they have become since being a little kid with a piece of crayon.  Imagine how much better they will become in only a year if they stick with it.

my students artwork - I only gave them 5 minutes to paint these.
They did a stellar job!

I have to keep these things in mind so I don't get lost in my own expectations, personally.  If I think about all the talented people in the world, I'll never get anything done, and won't get any better.

I've made a big decision to pursue working in the animation industry.  It's a plan for down the road, maybe 4 years or so, after I complete a few graphic novels, some personal projects, and put together a whole new portfolio.  But I really enjoy the collaborative process, and story-telling.

It's hard being here, mostly alone in my studio working like a hermit.  I make a breakthrough, look around and go "AM I RIGHT??...." but no one is there.  Just the dog.

And she doesn't offer any real feedback.

So my dream would either be to work in the art development department as an assistant art director or matte / background painter.  Making color/lighting/inspiration boards and work with concept artists.  I have no real animation experience, but I have faith that my illustration background is still worth something.  And I'll learn whatever I have to learn.

Andy got me a fab Pixar book for Valentine's Day, and Lindsay and Alex lent us their other Pixar concept art collections, so it's been a visual buffet this week:

Gotta keep making new work!  Later gators!


  1. It is great to start in the field of animation, especially that of Pixar, is incredible ... I'm also aiming to make several projects that are applied to animation, but I'm just like you at the moment. I wish you luck, your graphic novels are great ... I would like to see, when you were making progress in some trabaos on the art of some animations ... Greetings

  2. P.D "trabaos" is the same like "works" or "business"

  3. Its so hard when you don't have someone to give real, strong feedback. In my job right now, my boss is always too busy to go over the photos with me after I shoot them.

    I think your goal sounds amazing!! You are so good with colors and composition, I bet any animation team would really benefit from having an eye like yours. Good luck!

  4. Your body of work is so unique and inspired that anyone would be lucky to have you on their team. :)

  5. Good luck!! I know you can do it :)

  6. Thank you guys so much for the kind words :)

  7. I'm sure you'll do great in animation.

  8. I can't wait to see what kind of animations you come up with. I just started learning and i think its tough. >_<

  9. This is such an inspirational post - I'm really excited to hear about your path - You will seriously rock the animation world to its core with your mad skillz! And to hear that you of all people struggle with feelings of inadequacy - well that boggles my mind but somehow it's comforting to know.

  10. You sound like a really caring motivator xDDD! This is unrelated but this entry made me think of this lecture I attended about how child art is sometimes indistinguishable from adult works and that as a child our minds are more free with creativity! I think trying to hold onto the nave childlike idea of hopes & dreams is key in carrying on!!! Yes! *is motivated now