February 15, 2011

I want to love you madly

Isn't Kate the most fantastic song?  It's like the sounds in your head when you are totally smitten with someone.

Andy and I had a really nice Valentine's Day - our first as a married couple!  Pretty standard but wonderful just the same.  We searched hi and lo for a restaurant we went to while we were dating, only to find it doesn't exist anymore, then went to EVO for salmon and whiskey sours, watched some Pixar and tossed our medicine ball around.
Life is good again, and I am want for nothing.

You guys, Zaftig's in Brookline is hands-down the best place for a cupcake. 

Yes, I know Sweet is awesome (and where we got our wedding cupcakes from), and slightly smaller in portion size, but Zaftig's knows that butter cream is much too heavy for fluffy cupcakes. They use really delicious frosting, and it's big enough for two to share.  Or, for me ... to have my own.  Because it's Valentine's Day, for Pete's sake.

I had a few Valentine's commissions - which are always enjoyable.  I hesitate to post them in case they haven't been presented to dear ones?  Don't want to spoil anything, just in case.

 Some paper crafts from our wedding.  Found some pictures recently while cleaning out some files : )


  1. That sounds like a pretty awesome VDay!

    I actually hadn't heard that Ben Folds Five song before, but I love how upbeat it is :}

  2. That is one of my all time tracks on the 'mix tape' Elaine is Magic by Veronica-Hey-You are Veronica so that makes sense!

  3. how cute your first VDAY with your hubby! I did not know he did animanicas btw, THATS SO AWESOME!! u guys are so cute and perfect for each other :D

  4. That's too bad the restaurant no longer exist. But it sounds like you had a lovely Valentine's day nevertheless. :)

  5. happy belated valentines day! those decorations are adorable!

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  7. Your paper wedding decor is so whimsical xD