February 24, 2011

Inspiration - Paul Rivoche

Andy gave me a great issue of Draw! from 2002, and it had a fantastic interview with Paul Rivoche.  Before I knew his name, I was familiar with Paul's work for Batman the Animated Series, Superman and the comic Mister X.  He remains a constant source of inspiration.

Opening to Batman: The Animated Series

I think there is a tendency for some artists to get really wrapped up in what they think is the "fun stuff" - organic things like bodies, faces, flora, fauna and subject matter like that.  But then there is a gap with the ability to make the background, or all the little things that are an important part of the universe they inhabit.

Paul doesn't cut corners or miss anything - he goes straight for the hard stuff - the structure. Building the space and putting the characters in it, instead of the other way around.

It seems like something everyone should know to do, and yet I still find myself starting with the character and saying "oop, wait, let's draw the room first"

I looked to these images often to help with the Pirates of Mars designs!

Thanks for the inspo, Paul


  1. Pirates of mars looks pretty interesting :D
    I love the vague coloring on the last picture!


  2. Great pictures! Growing up watching the series, I didn't realize how artistic the animation was. I guess all I cared about was Batman kicking people's butt.

  3. ...wait i thought paul dini did batmans....o_o

  4. Bianca - he did! I think Dini is the writer

  5. Awe, shows I watched after school are "retro" now uuuugh I SO OLD.

    I love that second to last one, the one that's sorta looking up. I mean wow. I feel like cartoons, a la Ren & Stimpy, went to the "f' the background style." :(