February 23, 2011

Japanese music to draw to

I thought I'd post some Japanese music I've been listening to lately. It really gets me into the zone!
Well, not to toot my own 角笛 [horn] but I think I've put together a pretty schweet mix for you guys - hope you enjoy!

Listening to this mix, I went to the Boston Public Library tonight to take reference photos, do some environment sketching and generally creep people out by drawing them.

 a little rough but not bad

Collected memories from cell phone pictures


  1. I love seeing your rough sketches! It makes me want to pull out a notebook and do the same thing. Perhaps the next time and I'm at the library and don't want to study! Oh boy, I could probably end up procrastinating for hours! XD

  2. I love Cornelius! They are always being played at my apartment :) Pizzicato Five is really great too.

    Your sketches are really inspiring! They make me want to draw.


    I wanna be gay, looks fun~

    Apples & honey??, how Jewish New Year of you \:D/ so delicious!

  4. Thanks guys!

    Thao - You should!

    Dorothy - I'm amazed he'd chose such a super difficult name to pronounce in Japanese haha

    Jen - actually it's not a lamp, it's a picture of a lamp!

  5. Ah! You know Pizzicato Fice. I feel less lonely in the world.

    And now I could really eat some macaroons.

    LOL "Head too big"

  6. I remember you tweeting about this and I literally thought to myself - OKAY PEOPLE AT BOSTON PUBLIC, DON'T MOVE. OR ELSE.

  7. But you draw so well I thought it was a real lamp xDv