February 9, 2011

Ode to udon

random sketch of potential painting

Been drawing a lot of food-related ideas lately - I don't know what that means in Freudian terms, please don't tell me

Have you guys heard about this game from the 70s called "Class Struggle"?

It's hilarious - we played a round at our friend Alison's house one night.  It's basically about how you have no chance at success in life unless you are born into the super rich class, and everyone in the world is a gigantic business conglomerate out to smash your will to live.

Very 70s.

It basically disregards all the people that just kind of, you know, live happily somewhere in the middle, or work to make a better life.  But then the game wouldn't be funny!

<< This is the crazy inventor, Bertel Ollman.


  1. lol omg, that game looks so sweet, I'll have to ebay it haha.

  2. I can hear the slurping already!

    I've never heard of that game! Oh man could you even imagine it being released today!? This feels relevant to American Dream reality, LOL

  3. Ha, looks like a fun game to play! xP
    My fiance i'm sure would like it. I guess I'll have to try to ebay it too ;)

    PS: Thanks, small ceremonies ftw! (:

  4. That game looks great, might want to hunt it down on ebay. I really love the whole "BARBARISM-THE CAPITALISTS WIN"-I don't know why, I'm weird like this.

  5. Isn't it hilarious? It's so crazy extreme, I love it. You have no chance of rising classes because the rich will strike you down. This guy had a grudge!

  6. Oh my god!!! Class Struggle! AND you found a picture of the guy who invented it! (He's crazy hawt).

  7. Class struggle! Omg that sounds awesome!!!! I need to find this game.

  8. Anonymous10.2.11

    hahahaaaa that game looks awesome. love good board games!!

    ps, i really love your drawing style. you're so good!