February 7, 2011

Pirates of Mars web graphics

 I had lots of fun putting together these Pirates of Mars web graphics for JJ a few weeks ago.  Now that the first volume of the graphic novel is done, we're gearing up for our advertisement barrage.  A hail-storm of ninja-pirate-awesome!

In other news,
Boston has slowly begun to thaw.  After a month of 18deg. weather, it hit about 45 yesterday - which felt hot like Arizona.  But great, nonetheless!  I can't imagine where these 7 feet of show are going to go.  Probably into the rivers and cause major flooding. Yay.

I'm working on lots of nice projects at the moment; some cover art for a project from last year, Valentine's day commissions, a Sherlock Holmes graphic novel written by Andy (because he's a super amazing) and starting to plot out a personal project for this summer.

★ I'm going to do a comic about my life; segmented into short stories. Childhood stuff, adult stuff, nightmares, and maybe some about my great grandmother Lula.  Not enough hours in the day!

Views from our Ueno hotel 

(top: looking towards Ameyoko)
(bottom: looking towards Akihabara)

I'm starting to write more on my Ameblo blog - more about that soon. :)  

Have a happy Monday, everyone


  1. Hi Veronica, the first volume of "pirates of mars" looks awesome... I am anxious to see this comic about you ... salute, chau :)

  2. The web graphic looks SWEEEET!!!

  3. I love how much motion it has!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, guys!

  5. I love your pirate from Mars! The angle of action is intense, and your colors are wonderful. Really great work.

  6. Thanks so much Jess!

  7. Really this web graphic looks so beautiful. It is a popular art, practical art and universal of all the arts. Thanks a lot!