February 1, 2011

Shopping in Japan

Hey friends, I thought I'd post about some places we went shopping on our Japan trip.

My favorite brands/places to buy stuff 
  • LOFT [site] * everything you've ever needed - not just art supplies! actually prefer this to Tokyu Hands
  • あおい書店・AoiShoten [site] * fantastic book store chain
  • it's Demo [site] * zakka goods
  • 靴下屋・ Kutsushitaya [site] * yes, all they sell is different kinds of socks
  • Lowry's Farm [site] * cool, simple clothes, well-made
  • Wonder Rocket [site] * American-casual style, like mori-girl and hiking gear
  • Mandarake [site] * toys, games, art books, otaku-fare.  Shibuya, Akihabara + Osu locations are favorites
  • Super Potato [site] * vintage video games + fun things
  • Don Quixote [site] * the most fun you'll ever have shopping, random insanity
  • Bleu Bleuet [site] *zakka / handmade inspired things for home life. simply lovely 
  • Yamashiroya Toys [site] * 7 floors of amazing - from kids to designer vinyl. I prefer this to Kiddyland

 at Yamashiroya Ueno

Thrift stores / Second hand clothes  古着
  • Kinji [Japanese site] *amazingly fun to browse, store separated by style/color/brands with plenty of inspirational magazine clippings around
  • WeGo [site] * more like a party than anything - big Brooklyn hipster vibe - lots of new clothes
  • B*Life/Book-Off [Japanese site] * only the best place in the world for rummaging. super inexpensive, lots of great treasures to find
  • Chicago Harajuku [site] * lots of used kimonos, yukatas and cool, hipster stuff
Department Stores デパート
  • Sunshine City  Ikebukuro [Japanese site] * super fun shopping center but easy to get overwhelmed. Avoid on weekends lest you be swept away by the teenybopper crowd. great deals there.
  • 0101 [site] * can be high priced but amazing sense of merchandizing.
  • LaForet [site] * beautiful displays, upscale shopping for casual to crazy visual-kei, check out Swimmer on the bottom floor. architecture uses half-floors, so a tad confusing at first
  • Seibu [Japanese site] *not for the bargain hunter - super couture brands like Chanel, Burberry etc
  • Parco [English site] * slightly expensive brands on floors separated by style. Check out Lowry's Farm and the art gallery upstairs
Information on cool Japan flea markets here

Street Markets/Districts
  • Takeshitadori - Harajuku * young (mostly under 20s), hip neighborhood but very crowded on weekends.
  • Ameyoko - Ueno * old Tokyo standard. dirty but super fun and cheap [a post about a trip there]
  • Nakamisedori - Asakusa * lots of fun to browse, avoid on Sundays, slightly older/tourist crowd sometimes
  • Osu Marketplace - Nagoya * all the fun of Harajuku but less expensive - highly recommended ......................................................................................



  1. oh my gosh those little cream puff toys..i need them to live! so unbelievably cute!

  2. i want to go to weGo soooooooo bad! and lowrys farm, and beams! ugh i want to go to japan but not as badly as i want to go to europe soooo i made my choice :/

    I WANTY!

  3. Bookmarking it so that in the future when/if I go to Japan I can have an awesome guide. Thanks!

  4. Bianca - oh yes Beams is so nice, so classy!

    thanks Amelia!

  5. This is so awesome! I keep meaning to do some sort of shopping guide for Matsumoto, but I'm so lazy :P Don Quixote was so awesome though.

  6. Insane selection!
    I <3 it, hardcore!

  7. So many links, yaaaaay!! I love LF, just wish they'd have better sales while I was there D:

  8. Every thing is just so beautiful,i wish i could buy all these especially the kids portion for my little doll.

  9. Anonymous6.6.11

    Wow those stores actually a lot of things, just like chinese markets here in costa rica, they are so full of any kind of things :S