March 28, 2011

Antique cameras + other people's memories

 Andy got me this cool box lot of antique cameras!  Some have film inside! *gasp*
And that is a Kodak movie projector!

The auction is always pretty cool.  It's weird shifting through other people's lives.

I read this man's journal from 1889 - it's a day by day account of what his cow "Charlie" did...

 amazing avocado lime salad and sweet potato roll at TenKa!

 Boston Public Library
We did lots of fun stuff in the past two weeks, ran out to the Natick Collection to get something special for Tomoko's birthday (お誕生日おめでとう、智ちゃん!) tried the new Japanese fusion place TenKa (it was awesome but full of fashionable drunks, as the hibachi tables tend to attract) went to the auction (which was exclusively paper this week) went to a sake tasting to benefit Japan relief at Julio's (no one believes I'm 25 and married), and went to our friend Keenan's art show at Dark World Gallery.

oh! and I finished the first volume of Sherlock Holmes!  Now it's on to scanning, coloring, lettering, editing - all that fun stuff.  Images soon, I promise! 約束ね!

A bit late posting about this, but last week was that wonderful Super Moon! 大月!

I jumped out of bed at midnight to try and steal it into my camera. 


  1. I have yet to finish the first volume of Sherlock Holmes. It has been sitting on my bookcase for years!!

    Oooh sake. I think I'll buy a bottle of that for my 21st.

    I would definitely pay good money to buy that journal!! I love reading other people's journals and autobiographies...which is why I love reading blogs.

  2. That is an awesome collection of antique cameras! Whooo!

    Great pictures too!

  3. Awesome cameras! I got a look at the moon as well, but not on camera. xP


    I wonder if some day my Korean cutesy journals full of my boring blathering would ever end up at an auction and some nice lady read them :X

  5. The pictures of the moon are amazing.

  6. What a neat gift Andy got you ♥

    Did you buy the journal, too? I would have!

  7. Thanks guys!

    No, I didn't buy the journal, but I did put in a sizable bid on that Victorian scrapbook - it had a purple velvet cover and was completely gorgeous inside and out! But sadly I lost and it went for a whopping -

    $447!!! WHoA!