March 24, 2011

Joan of Arc + picnics

 watching "La Passion de Jeanne D'Arc"

A super intense movie. Like Shindler's List and the like, you don't exactly watch it all the time.  More like once in a long while, you know?

After all that's happened with the disasters in Japan (aptly named ), watching Chris Marker's documentation of South American guerilla warfare (I'll never again use the word "guerilla" to describe a piece of art), and researching the final days of Joan of Arc - it's easy to be overwhelmed with death and the suffering of people.

But I'll tell you what it makes my problems seem like a picnic!

And speaking of which, I don't go on enough picnics.  Ok.  I've decided:


go on more picnics.


  1. Is it warm where you are? I'm still so cold!

  2. That's a good resolution! I want to go on more picnis too, once it gets warm (:

  3. Beautiful pieces! That movie is intense. Have you seen 'Joan the Maid - the Battles' w/ Sandrine Bonnaire. It's a little dull but the costumes and outdoor scenes on horseback are beautiful. And oh hey! - I like your picnic time resolution! :) I had actually been thinking of doing a picnic week theme on my blog.

  4. Thanks guys!

    I haven't seen that movie, Alison, I'll have to look in to it. Let's have a picnic this spring!