March 26, 2011

Swamp Things + Merry Melodies

Watched those silly "Swamp Thing" movies with Andy a little while back - they are so hilariously awful!

One of the things I loved about Japan was the moss that grew on everything.  It made everything feel ancient but still lively and green. (Ryoanji Kyoto, Bunny moss by 8Tokyo)

Oh, and also - you NEED to play this amazing music matrix!

It's not only addictive, but I think it's subconsciously teaching you melody-making.  And you thought the title meant Bugs Bunny cartoons.


  1. music matrix = makes me feel like a really awesome DJ.

    and I like moss in pictures.. not so much up close. they're all moist and icky :P

  2. ooo i love those photos :D beautiful!

  3. I've just been scrolling through your blog an other sites and I've gotta say - your work is amazing! I've been to Japan several times, and I've always liked the moss, but I'd never thought about it like that before.

  4. Ah that bunny grass pot reminds me of all the things on that Korean home life web site 1300k!!

  5. that music matrix is so cool~