April 27, 2011

Cherry blossoms 桜が咲く始めた

Hey friends,

Sorry no artwork today, I've been awfully sick this week and haven't had a moment to scan some new sketches.

But my friend Mayako let me post these wonderful pictures she sent of her neighborhood. Full on cherry blossoms! In my neck of the woods, we have mostly daffodils - pictures on those soon, but someday I hope we can get back to Japan during the peak of the blossom season!

 color retouching by myself, photos by maya-chan
♫ Here is some more music to draw to!  A more chill mix, I think ...


  1. Beautiful!
    Sorry you're sick! :( Feel better punkin'!

  2. Those photos look lovely. I hope you feel better soon!

    Sigur Ros <3

  3. They put DC's to shame. Also people look so relaxed (and not screaming, running, causing havoc like here LOL) Naturally~~~