April 5, 2011

Danny Boyle's "Frankenstein"

first sketches of my Frankenstein adaption coming in 2012

Last night Andy and I went to the simulcast of possibly the greatest production ever.  It was seriously exceptional.  Jonny Lee Miller actually brought me to tears with his portrayal of the Monster, and Benedict Cumberbatch was intense as the Doctor.

The dialogue is superb. And the art direction and stage production was so cool - a central, circular stage that went into the floor and came up with a new set.  Thousands of little light bulbs dangling from the ceiling to make stars.  I was so touched by it, I'm making it my next graphic novel project for 2012!  Woo!

FUN FACT My husband's vows were actually from The Bride of Frankenstein  

The scene where the Monster pleads with the Doctor to build him a mate broke my heart.  Victor asks him "What does it feel like - love, what does it feel like..." and the Monster says "... It's like fire is burning within my lungs, and it bubbles through my mouth and I feel completely live - like I can do anything - ANYTHING!"


  1. That video is freaky!

    I love your sketches... you have amazing talent m'dear!

  2. The video just makes me want to see the production even more. *sigh* I'm glad you enjoyed it and that it did not disappoint.

  3. The lightbulb touches sound beautiful :O