April 30, 2011

Pieces from the week

  The Robins at Boston ComiCon
Hey friends, hope you are enjoying the weekend!

Here in MA it's a balmy 67 and sunny.  And naturally, I'm sick.  But these antibiotics are magic and they kicked in just in time for us to hit the Boston Comic Con and meet some of my artistic heroes.

It's been pretty busy lately.  Andy and I taught a comic art workshop in Manchester-by-the-Sea, ate at the most fabulous American bistro ever - Cala's - which I hiiiiighly recommend you check out - then taught another workshop in Boston, I finished up a few commissioned art pieces and finished the script for the second installment of Frankenstein, went to southern Connecticut to say hello to my grandparents, and had a lovely Easter dinner with Alison and old reruns of News Radio.

special thank you to 
for inviting me to speak at their  
National Art Honor Society induction ceremony 
and presenting me with a gorgeous bouquet and plaque.

The talk mostly included pieces from my Motivation series.  [PART I]  [PART II]
Talking about my own failures/successes always gets me revved up for another year of this fantastic risk that is freelance art.   Let's DO this thing!

the simple pleasures of life

Manchester-by-the-Sea township


  1. Great pics!

    And damn yeah, Holbein acryla gouche! Let me know if you ever need some tubes - I get sweet discounts. :) And you wouldn't even need to pay for shipping if I CAME TO VISIT. <3

  2. I always enjoy those "simple pleasures of life" type snapshots!! XD
    I wish I could illustrate as well as you; I love that ink (?) comic strip!

  3. That pink bag it's so cute!

  4. Ah, I miss peanut butter so much right now!

  5. Glad you felt better just in time to hit the Con. Is that Chloe-like pink bag yours!? :O