May 28, 2011

Art All State 2011 Part 2

Day 2 is when the students finish their installations, host an opening for family and friends, and tear down the work they created just 24 hours before.  I think it's a good lesson in not holding on to your art too tightly.



It was really nice to see the students work so well together.

Typically, people with A-type personalities will dominate the group - not because they enjoy pushing people around, but they are people who like getting started, and waiting for everyone else to catch up usually makes them antsy.

There were a few personalities in the room, but everybody spoke up with their own ideas, which was good.  

They made a giant web out of rubber bands and suspended stuff from it!  All the "strings" you see there are actually braids of rubber bands!

Here are 2 more of the 6 classrooms:

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