May 12, 2011

A Comic Page Start to Finish

  • LEFT : the first thumbnails of Page 2 from the script.  I misinterpreted the unit the soldiers are shooting from as a kind of bin instead of a storage unit with doors - haha so that was changed
  • RIGHT : the adjusted thumbnails of Page 2
However, I do like the movement in the first version so I'm going to use those same ideas again in Book 2.  AH YES - BOOK 2 of Pirates of Mars - she shall begin soon.  Excited about that :)

  • LEFT : pencils
  • RIGHT: inks, tones + lettering. 
  • The tones are for the first print run, which was done in black and white

  • LEFT : I usually color the whole page in an analogous palette to keep it unified.
  • RIGHT : the finished product.
  • I like to make gradients in Photoshop and set the Layer option to Color or Hue to give the page some zing
I'm sorry there aren't more steps!  I'm so bad at saving my work at different stages.  We're hoping to get this book colored and out in digital format soon!  Nook, Kindle, all that fun stuff in glorious technicolor.