May 2, 2011

Dracula cover + the Quiet Fog

Hey friends, I thought I'd post the artwork I just completed for my husband's graphic novel "DRACULA". Previous to it's current publishing (which you should totally read, because it's awesome) he actually completed the book in a totally different style, before redoing the entire thing.

Because I have a special place in my heart for his more cartoony work, I am making him print a special edition of Dracula with the first rendition - no one has seen it except me!  It'll be up to him whether it's going to be public, but I made a cover to entice him into it. 

 my prelim sketches + ink drawing

I had fun inking fog using dry brush techniques.  Although I think Sam Weber is the dry-brush master, it was fun to try and get better at it.

Some very atmospheric pictures of my grandparent's old home in Connecticut.  When we visited, it was blanketed in thick fog. I remembered the many days I'd spent here, talking to the girl next door, drawing pictures of our sequel to the Lion King (it was 1996 then, I think) and the smell of my grandfather's old Italian wine, and the 70's faded orange color scheme in the kitchen.

 The tree I climbed on as a child in my childhood friend's backyard

Some daffodils in the thick of it


  1. I love your illustrations so much. If only I could draw like that...

    I realy like fog. I don't know why everyone tends to complain about the thickness of the air and how humid it would get, because I think it feels great and hydrating on my skin! Hahaha...

  2. I love your cover. It's so stylish!! Gothic Tin Tin :-)

  3. I really love that! The black & white sketch looks so dramatic too.

  4. that cover is awesome! omg your so good :D

  5. Thanks so much guys!

  6. Most inspiring fog EV-AH!

  7. Beautiful cover! I wanna see this version of Andy's Dracula - great strategy for getting him to print it. GURLLL!