May 4, 2011

Free Sketches at Free Comic Book Day!

The super nice Ernie P at Friendly Neighborhood Comics invited Andy and myself and artist Craig Rousseau to stop by the annual Free Comic Book Day event for signings, scribblings and mindless chit chat!  Yay!

Here's the deal:  We're doing free sketches for the first 50 customers! If you reeeaaaalllly want one, you can *** email Ernie and place a request***

We've only announced it less than half a day ago, and we're already at 25
So hurry!

If you request a sketch, we give you a number and it will be ready when you arrive at the comic shop!  That's service!  Anyway, should be fun, hope you can make it!

I'll also be selling art prints, drawings, and
advanced copies of Pirates of Mars!  Whoa-ho-ho!

Saturday MAY 7th 9am-9pm
Friendly Neighborhood Comics

191 Mechanic Street - Rte 140 Bellingham, MA | 508-966-2275

And thanks to my new Kuretake fudegokochi 「くれたけ 筆ごこち」 brush pen, they will look so sweet.  (I like that my husband's gifts are pens, ink, and the occasional vinyl monster toy.)


  1. SO: The question is, why a I not over there? Damn being across a huge ass ocean.

    Also - pens for the win! I love receiving gifts I can truly appreciate!

  2. Good luck with Saturday!!! Are yo nervous? I'd be so nervous i dunno xDDDDDDD

  3. Awesome sketches! The 50 sketches marathon sounds fun - especially with your new pen! WOOT!!! ;)