May 31, 2011

Pirates on Nook + Wizard World

(black and white for now look for the color version this summer)

I'm told there seems to be a shifting error with the pages?
If they are still loading far to the right, I'll look into it ASAP

ALSO: You can get Pirates of Mars Vol. 1 25% OFF 
with coupon code CYBERMAY

And I'm excited to announce Andy and I will be appearing at Wizard World Con New England this September 17 - 18 (the Events list has been updated over there) at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

I'll be selling Pirates of Mars art, prints and copies of the book, as well as art from Sherlock Holmes and the Southampton Horror.

øThey asked me for a headshot, which I have very few of, so I put this thing together.  

Oh! and I got a hair cut!

hm, ... does this headshot make me look like I do science and not comics?


  1. WOWZA! Can't wait to see it in color. And awesome headshot. yer pretty! :)

  2. ohhhh yes it makes you look like you do science xD but science is cool with me.

    talk nerdy to me now ;D


    Will it work on my Kindle?

    And oah, headshot is so lovely - it does make you look like you do science, but I do science, so that's totally rad.


  4. Come to Chicago !!!!! Hee her that's pretty awesome v I'm so proud :D

    And you look like u do fun science like bill nye

  5. Thanks guys!!

    If only I could do science, but I can barely do math so there you have it

  6. Love your haircut! Good luck at the fair!