May 20, 2011

ZombieBomb! Dead Not Dead

Hey friends!

I just realized, shame on me, that I never published a blog post about a great anthology I took part in last Halloween. ZombieBomb! art directed by my pal and great artist Adam Miller is now a 6 - no wait, 7? - volume horror anthology from Terminal Press.

I was lucky to get in on this thing at the ground floor, and very happy Adam asked me to illustrate a story. You can find limited quantities of the first volume (the issue I was in) at Terminal's website HERE.

Here are some images I did for Steve Jone's short story...


  1. That looks so amazing! Zombiepocalypse!

  2. I love it!
    all art is very interesting, congratulations

  3. You are soooooooo busy omg. I feel shame I'm complaining bout MY load and I can't even fathom how you get all this done :O!! AMAZED!