June 28, 2011


While I was transferring my files from my old PC to my new iMac, I found some old pictures from HBML!  Nostalgia!

HBML = Happy Birthday, Mike Leslie
A fantastic melange of pop and circumstance, HBML Junk Shoppe was a cult institution here. Sadly, it closed, so here's some memories.

But it's turned into FYC now! Still need to check that place out.

Jake asked me if I wanted to take over the space, turn it into an art gallery. It was very difficult to turn down, and I spent lots of time thinking it over; but ultimately couldn't accept.

But if you're a creative person looking to make cool things like this - you should apply for grants! If I had known about all the cool grants, I'd have done it a long time ago and it put it towards this place.

HOLD the PHONE - bacon rum tart?  Yes, please.

Been really crazy lately, apartment got a new roof, we got new downstairs neighbors, dog got a hair cut, I got a hair cut, finishing up coloring Pirates of Mars, bought a Mac for work purposes, selling a ton of clothes, penciling comic pages, and hanging out with Lindsay (at the diner, up there)


  1. Choco + bacon = somewhat delicious xDD

  2. Somewhat! Very deliclious

  3. YA LOOK SO CUTE, that store is totally my vibe, too bad its gone ;_;

  4. So good to see those HBML pix.