June 20, 2011

Breezy Bend

I pass by Breezy Bend all the time but never stopped there until this week.

It was literally like walking into some magical flower world, the same ones I dreamed about as a 10 year old reading The Secret Garden.

But this one has llamas!!  So it's far better.

 I got some Veronica flowers :) (naturally)

Needless to say I walked out of there with 2 begonias, 1 veronica, 1 flowering maple and 1 succulent.


  1. OMG even an onsite kitty \:D/

  2. Oh, that is really beautiful! And how fitting you bought a Veronica hehe. I love succulents as well, they are so neat looking!

  3. such lovely pictures! i love flowers~ and i'd buy a few pots but lately i'm never home enough to take care of anything! i hope the rest of your plants grow well~