June 5, 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs in Strawberry Cordial

So lately I'm obsessed with finding a wallet.  Specifically a Marc by Marc one.  Even more specifically, in the shade Strawberry Cordial

My birthday is next week, and it's hard to tell people what I really want - because I kind of feel guilty saying - this:

Hmm.... which one? 

My thought process:

⚕⚕ I have hated every wallet I've ever bought. ⚕⚕ Why I keep buying them, I don't know.  One that fits my check book, mishmash of cards and scraps of paper and a pen.  But I've probably spent enough to buy TWO Marc Jacobs wallets over the years, so I'd like to just stop and buy one that will last me the rest of my natural born life.

Oh yes.  Literally, forever.

I missed out on the Petal to the Metal series so I don't want to go through that again.  (The Petal to the Metal wallet is still available on the MJ site, but only in black and it's considerably more than these.)

Or do I just want it because of that amazing Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton documentary I just watched?

What struck me most about it was Jacobs saying 

"I'm not even sure what success is. I think it's just getting to do what you love."


  1. That is a very sexy wallet (and that doodle is so cute)

  2. You look so cute and snuggly buggly in your bed! As for the wallets, I like the middle and far right one best.

  3. Definitely the middle one :D

  4. marcy j makes zac posen look like a fony (THERE I SAID IT) plus i love the first one V,

    btw, I bought a marc jacobs wallet for a later christmas gift and I love! i bought a mans wallet too because girl wallets are dumb and clunky..

  5. I think I like the first one, best!

    Also, you're totally right. With all the money we spend on disposable... everythings, we could buy just one or two really nice things that would last us a lot longer!

  6. Katie28.9.11

    Can you please tell me what the strawberry cordial colour is like? Is it like a coral-y pink or more orange-y red?