June 11, 2011

Style Inspiration - Lauren Bacall

Andy and I really dig Bogey & Bacall.  We have a few things in common.

If you watch the movie To Have and Have Not (based on the Hemmingway story) you can watch them fall in love.

It's really something...

I was watching one of my favorite summer movies Key Largo the other day, and was really struck by her character's simple but cool island style.

blouse | Zara        skirt | Yesstyle       belt | Mango       shoes | Aldo

Note the chic espadrille lace-ups

Looks like spring is already passing, on to summer soon!


  1. How to marry a millionaire is always my fave. I love the comedic aspect and the fact that she's so broke in the film! Lauren is stunning and still just as beautiful today XD

  2. GURRLLLL!!! I love your style!

  3. She's so amazing, isn't she??