July 1, 2011

Art up on eBay

Hey friends,

Found lots and lots of convention art I did this year, time to clean out the studio!

Sometimes at a comicon, I do a few random ink drawings between commissions.  Usually of the most popular characters, in case any one wants to buy it as-is right there.  
Speaking of comicon, I'm excited to say Andy and I will also be appearing at 
Wizard World AUSTIN November 11 - 13.

I've never been to Austin before!  More on that later...

THE JOKER [bid on eBay here]

Batgirl [bid on eBay here
(this listing starts July 3rd at 7:05pm PDT)

and also some fashion illustrations! [bid on eBay here] 

 this is an original ink drawing done for SCOPE Magazine Ireland)

Look for more items soon, I have so many pieces to post!


  1. that batgirl one is JAWESOME!

  2. These are fantastic. I may have to do some bidding!

  3. it's really awesome :)
    it looks like real :D

  4. Oh Austin!!! And in Nov too, thank god, will be cooler by then, no melting xD

  5. Thanks Cicely!

    Jenny, yeah! and it's an amazing restaurant town *win*