July 23, 2011

Captain America + Jack Kirby

I love comics.     I love movies.     I love art.

And loving all of these things has ruined me in some ways.

Because I love comics, I can't watch a movie without picking everything to pieces.  Because I love art, I can't read a comic without picking everything to pieces... etc... etc.

Which brings me to Captain America.

I have a few issues with you, movie

  1. No matter how great your hair is, ladies, please wear a helmet while in the midst of a fire-fight.
  2. Once you take a special serum and you are mega-hot, you also suddenly know how, with a slight running start, jump 100 foot gaps and pro moto-cross.
  3. You can tell when something is a set.  Brooklyn was never, ever that clean.  Please just film the movie on location - New Yorkers don't care.
  4. A USO kick-line, fire-works spectacular doesn't need to be singing for 20 minutes straight. We get it.
  5. Why wasn't Sharon Carter part of the bad-assery that is SHEILD?
  6. Why does a villain get to just up and forge an entire empire like overnight?

Anyway, why even care?  I really don't know.

But I assume it's like a classical musician that has to talk about a stupid commercial jingle for 35 minutes to discuss her "issues with the harmonies"

I did enjoy how the movie has the comic version actually exist alongside the "real guy".  And it was cast really well.  Loved Dum-Dum!

So, the moral of the story 

 Maybe - we see what can be improved so we can hopefully in turn, see what needs to be improved in our own work.

I have to say, Captain America wasn't a character close to my heart - but I'm sure if I was a kid in 1940s, I'd be his biggest fan.

However, Jack Kirby IS close to my heart.  He was the first comic book artist I was exposed to that also did spectacular paintings.  (This was before I knew about Dave McKean, Bill Sienkewicz, etc...)

His work just blew my mind.  There was an inventiveness to it - like he just went crazy and had fun.



  1. I just got back from the theater and all I have to say is win, win, win. I loved it.

    Now, I just need to buy or make an accurate replica of the shield. Too freakin' awesome.
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  2. It really was a fun movie, tom - for a summer flick it delivered

  3. IT WAS OK, dave actually enjoyed thor better.

    best part for me. Howard Stark. I MEAN COME ON! :D

    yeah the USO thing was kinda long and the motocycle leap, throw shield punch, motorcycle leap, explosion, punch--fight scenes were kinda lame. It just didnt really seem to be Hot or Cold...as a voice for a movie, just lukewarm....

  4. Haha and wouldn't Germans speak German to each other instead of English with German accents?