July 18, 2011

Catwoman + Harley Quinn sketches

Hey everybody,

Another new ink sketch is up on eBay this week!  Harley Quinn coming up soon...

[up now]

[up tonight]

We're sad that Wizard World Boston con was cancelled :(  We were never told why.  Oh well, we'll still be at the Austin Con this November!

Things are crazy again here in the studio - working on lots of projects with some wonderful new clients I'm excited to be working with.

Also, lots of new galleries scheduled for the 2012 season, which means many new images to start devising.  Phew!

new promotional postcards

Went a little crazy downloading new fonts this weekend... ah I love fonts

and thanks to Mai for the wonderful Kit Kat assortment!


{clockwise from top} wasabi, chili, green tea, miso, soy bean


  1. Your illustrations are always cool;)

    Wow! There are many kinds of Kit Kat!!Looks tasty! I want to try Miso:)

  2. I love the new promotional postcards! The colours are so fantastic, perfect palettes :]

    I'm so jealous of your kit kats :O Literally drooling right now.

  3. Got my eye on that harley quinn!!! Super wish you were coming to wizworld chi town with my boo bruce cambpell..lols. Maybe next spring we can share a table at c2e2 :D i also rlly wanted an excuse to come out to boston :P, but oh well

  4. thanks guys!

    Bianca - next year we are hoping to come out to Iowa to see my grandparents, it would be right on the way to stop in Chigagoland for the con and some coffee!

  5. I'm slowly rereading the 90's Catwoman comics (http://www.coverbrowser.com/covers/catwoman).

    She was my idol in elementary school, haha.

  6. Sorry the con got canned but I suppose bonus time you didn't think you'd have!

  7. HAHA Erin - is that the one with the huuuuge ahem, mammories? lol

  8. Ah... yes. But she was also rich, had great hair, and owned a billion cats!

    Pretty much my dream life at that time, lol.