July 14, 2011

Inspiration: Mai the Psychic Girl (舞)

In preparation for Frankenstein, I've been reading tons of classic American comics like Silver-Sufer, Lee/Ditko Spider-man, and so on...

But I've been really into Mai, the Psychic Girl a lot, because I think the art by Ikegami Ryoichi is pretty amazing.

He also did a great version of Spider-man or uh, スパイダーマン

It's definitely got an 80s-fashion feel to it, but I like that :)


  1. don't you just adore her eyebrows? and that suit jacket in the first page IS BADASS

  2. Hi!:)

    I'll look for "Mai" at the bookstore.
    I want to read this comic!

  3. Bianca - I know, her eyebrows are like Audrey Hepburn *love*

    まやこー 読んでください〜

  4. Okay, glad to know I wasn't the only one drawn to her eyebrows and eyes.

  5. Thanks to Michelle Phan, lol, I learned heavy eye brows make you look younger :)

  6. Wow - I used to read this as a kid and haven't seen it mentioned since!

  7. Always wonderful to look at "the classics." See how the art style has evolved etc etc. I watched some Xmen 90's toons this weekend LOL. Not as deep of an appreciation but still fun to relive the past!