July 12, 2011

Strawberry summer

some preliminary sketches for a client

found a little strawberry growing behind the apartment!  surprise... 

I'm pretty sure this guy lives across the street from this park.  And he literally drives about 6.5 ft from his car park to the curb.  Not a bad commute.

amazing sushi at Minado - the red one is beet sushi!

amazing cloud formations this week!  Ahh... so nice


  1. Wild strawberries!!

    Ah the "beef sushi" makes me long for beef tataki!!!

  2. Nice sketch. Beet sushi? I never knew....man, I'm missing out.

  3. Yeah it's really good! I've never seen such red rice before!

  4. Anonymous12.7.11

    Random strawberry lovin' :D

  5. hot diggity dogs...

    im gunna disguise myself as a 12 year old and take one of your classes....what do 12 year olds like these days....yoyo's?

    beet sushi freaks me out! remember the beets from doug??llawls

  6. surprise strawberry! hahahaha that's really cool. mm that sushi looks so tasty.